First and foremost, in respect for recent events, note that there are guns prominently featured on these pages. I urge you to proceed appropriately. Be well. (In truth, I waffled a lot on if I should post these pages, but after discussion with multiple friends and confidantes, I felt I should go ahead and push forward. If you have any comments, questions, etc. please feel free to reach out and get in touch with me. I appreciate all feedback.)

And now, a couple quick but very important acknowledgments before we get right to the pages: a HUMONGOUS thank you not only to Kay for all her stupendous work doing the flat fills for me, but also an extra shout-out to Sam for making me the super cool brush that was able to mimic the starry sky I usually painstakingly made by placing the single dots individually. You are both the best collaborators someone could ever, ever hope for!

On that note… let’s delve deeper into a growing predicament.

Chapter 1, Page 25 through 29