click for a bigger size to peep the details!

We’re continuing on with the guest art this week, and goodness gracious, would you look at this gorgeous Tur’morĂ©? I about fell out of my chair when I saw her!! You’re definitely gonna want to click this one for full size to check all those pretty details.

My good pal Jamie (@jamiekaykingdom on twitter) drew this up for me, and I am still not over it. He drew the cutest Morie that can ever be. ? I’M SO GRATEFUL!!

I’ve been watching Jamie’s work for years, and have always been wowed, so if you’d like to share the experience, please go check out his twitter for more fantastical elves and cute Nosferatu and every other bit of artistic magic that goes on there!

Thank you so much, Jamie!! We’ll have more art up this next week, as we continue to work towards new pages.