click for a bigger size to peep the details!

More more MORE guest art, now with FRANCES, who I am so thrilled to receive some artwork of! I was secretly hoping maybe someone would draw her up, because she is more than just a lot of lavendery lace and bratty monologues. Of course, if anyone was going to read my mind on who it would be really cool to receive artwork of, it WOULD be Kay, who happens to be my sister and not only this comic’s flat colorist (heeyyyyy!) but also the creator of some of her very own comics! If you’re a fan of goofy monster friends and creature-people and a wide range of rock-washout-stylish but complicated characters, well, look no further. I’ve got your hookup.

Breeze over to her main site at, where lots of her comics and other works are compiled! It’s also worth SHOUTING FROM A MOUNTAIN that she will soon be working more on her current webcomic project, Lizardbrain, which is something I’ve been cowriting on in the deep, shadowy background for a few months. KEEP AN EYE OUT, either on the main site above or heck, why not, go check her tumblr,!

THANKS AGAIN, Kay, for both a beautiful piece AND the ongoing collaboration! ♥ You’re the best!