Well, it’s been 9 months of solid work behind-the-scenes, but it’s finally time to get this relaunch off the ground and out in the world! In case you are not familiar, this webcomic originally launched in October of 2015, and I was able to self-publish the first issue before, after 58 produced pages, deciding to rework and edit to something I felt better represented my story-telling sensibilities. I am so proud and excited to be able to present these characters and this world to all of you, and can honestly say that while at first I did consider this a revision, it has more become its own separate venture – linked to the original, but different in a way that truly makes it into its own new experience. It’s been flat-out amazing to be able to work on it again and fall in love with everything that made me want to write and illustrate it in the first place, and I’ll be doubly thrilled if you choose to follow along. ♥

As always, please be mindful of the warnings on the site. I’ve included some resources linked here for those who may be looking for help or more information to help others dealing with their own difficulties, and hope you’ll make use of it if need be.

If you find a pressing urge to see more pages sooner rather than later… you can always support me on Patreon, and, for $1 a month, read a bit ahead! At current you can read up to page 6 on there, with more to follow very soon. (Page 7 is slated to go up, today, and the early inks for page 8 are already available!)

Other than that, I believe I’ve hollered all I can so, please enjoy the first page, and I’ll see you back here for page 2 and onward starting next week!