I can hardly believe it, but we are now 48 pages in, and have wrapped up the first chapter of the comic!

This comic means so much to me, and explores some themes that are deeply personal, so sometimes it can be somewhat scary to share it. Putting a piece of yourself out there you always risk some measure of disappointment, so I want to thank everyone who has read and responded with support and positivity – especially right now, while things seem bleak. This comic is a challenge for me, but also a deep joy, and as such it has helped keep me grounded AND enthusiastic in the same turn.

I am going to be taking a short break before diving in to chapter 2, so I can rebuild the buffer and also take some time to breathe. I’ll also be doing a bit of upkeep around the site, updating profiles, and possibly touching up lettering that has been bugging me on the pages. Please enjoy what is here in the meantime, and the comic will be back, soon! There’s a lot left to explore…

As a reminder (especially for new readers), there is a Content Guide containing notations about sensitive material and what page it appears on, so you can skip or anticipate accordingly. I am always open to suggestions if you feel a page needs to be properly marked. (There are also some resources linked here for those who may be looking for help or more information.)

And as one last bit of housekeeping, it’s just $1 a month to support me on Patreon, and get access to early pages, exclusive inks and thumbnails, and all sorts of other comic-centric goodies that I won’t be posting anywhere else! Patreon support directly funds the continued production of Harlowe Vanished, so if you are able, please think about it.

Thank you again for reading, and I’ll talk to you again, soon.