The inhabitants of Altus live in constant fear, being slowly driven away from the sea.

Meanwhile, a sixteen year old girl named Harlowe is studying hard to try and get a leg up on her future. She struggles with trying to balance work and play with circumstances sometimes beyond her control. Often, she is sad and stressed. Or sometimes just empty. She isn’t sure which is worse.

This is a story about where these two worlds intersect.

Harlowe Vanished updates every Friday. New readers should be strongly cautioned that this comic does deal with depression, anxiety, suicide and suicidal ideation, post traumatic stress disorder, and is recommended for readers 14 years and up as there is occasionally strong language, mild violence, and heavy subject matter.



Sensitive Content Guide
lists different types of potentially harmful content by chapter/page number

List of International Suicide Hotlines
in case you need help*

Crisis Text Line
*and prefer text over phonecall


About the Creators

Amy King is a freelance artist who has spent the better part of her life daydreaming about what to put into boxes on a page. When she isn’t doing anything involving comics, she’s most likely cooking pasta incorrectly, making googly eyes at a cat, or in the bath. She is the main writer and illustrator of the comic. You can find her all over the internet if you’re into that kind of thing, including on twitter, tumblr, or even in the wide world of e-mail!

Kay King has contributed both characters and her sharp skills as a flat colorist to this comic. She also helps with editing dialogue. If you’d like to see more of her work, she can be found on twitter and tumblr!

Sam Langenfeld is currently studying fashion design, and has also contributed characters as well as helped edit dialogue and writing. You can also check her out on twitter and tumblr!