Harlowe Henderson

Bright and ambitious, she loves the ocean and is studying hard to become a marine biologist. She is sometimes prone to bouts of anxiety, and often worries about her future.



Frances Christoph

The outspoken daughter of a military commander, Frances is spoiled, but unaccustomed to getting what she really wants.




Commander Valentino Christoph
A stern, proper figure of authority, he was one of the highest ranking officials in Bosky Station. At current, he is captaining the battleship Empyrean.



Boss Ide Arken






Major Penn R. Brauer

While Major Brauer has never been afraid to say what he thinks, he does realize that this often complicates his life. He doesn’t do well in the dark or around sudden noises.



Logan Grey

A practiced chemist and engineer, he really isn’t cut out for the whole “active combat” deal expected by the military. His rationality is second only to his curiosity.





Sergeant Campbell Malloy

They crave a sense of belonging, and will go to great lengths to protect it.