Hi, all! We are already up to page 7, and there are a couple other updates going on around the site. First off, the Content Guide now has material so you can check for topics that might be uncomfortable for you and avoid those pages, if need be. (There are also still resources linked here for those who may be looking for help or more information.) I also have updates being added into the Characters and World-Building section, so you can at least get some names!

The Patreon has been FULL of updates lately, so if you’re enjoying the story so far and would like to read ahead (up to 5 pages ahead, in fact, with thumbnails all the way up to page 16 – almost 10 pages ahead!!), it’s just $1 a month to support me on Patreon, and get all caught up.

On that note, please enjoy the continuing updates, and I’ll check in again, soon. ♥