It feels like I JUST started posting, but it turns out, it has indeed been 24 weeks of posting! Can you believe it? We now have as many pages up here as a standard issue comic. I hope if you are new to the comic today that you take some time to read through this sizable chunk, and if you’ve been reading for a while now, I hope you continue to enjoy, and thank you so much!

As a reminder, there is a Content Guide containing a heads-up about sensitive material contained within the comic. I am always open to suggestions if you feel a page needs to be properly marked. (There are also still resources linked here for those who may be looking for help or more information.)

Also, it’s just $1 a month to support me on Patreon, and get to see early pages, concept art, and other cool exclusive comic stuff before everyone else, so please give it a look if you think you might be interested!