Harlowe Henderson

An aspiring marine biologist in her sophomore year of high school. While she is very studious and active in the preservation of her local coast, she also has a goofy side. She has a tough time opening up to others about more serious, personal topics.

Bailey and Jake

Harlowe’s best friends, and fellow scientists-in-training – Bailey has a strong interest in physical oceanography, and Jake is into marine botany.

Winnie and Brad Henderson

Harlowe’s parents, who are still adapting to having two kids in college and one yet to go. Winnie works as a medical records clerk, Brad is currently unemployed.

Commander Valentino Christoph

The current commander aboard the warship Empyrean, he oversees the crew with a stern presence. While he may be strict and intimidating to his soldiers, he is considerably softer with his teenager daughter, Frances.

Frances Christoph

The daughter of Commander Christoph, and seemingly the only non-crew member aboard his warship. Why she is along on the voyage is unknown, but she seems to have a particular interest in Harlowe and her origins.