Phew! OKAY, it has been a while… but an update has happened, and hopefully I will be back on track for a while!

On a quick personal note, 2017 was a mess, and I know I am not alone on that front. I am hoping to get it back together for the comic this year, and start doing the regular batch updates. I am going to try REALLY HARD to get one batch update a month, and you know I don’t try to peep about this too often, but the best way you can help me is by considering supporting my Patreon! You can get early pages, concept art, bonus comics, sketch requests, or a whole bunch of other neat stuff, depending on how much you’d like to donate, and all the proceeds there go to comic costs and other art equipment to make things go more smoothly. I also have a ko-fi if you would prefer a one-time donation rather than a subscription model. If you aren’t able to donate, spreading the word through retweets, reblogs, or shares of any sort on the comic are a humongous help. ?

Anyway, on that note, I think you’ve all waited long enough for this! If you are new to the comic, PLEASE mind the content warnings and feel free to check out the content guide if you think it’s something you might need. Happy reading, and I’ll be back with more… SOON!

Chapter 2, Page 6 through 10